Quick Myanmar Food Guide !

After a few trips in Myanmar, I decided to create this little guide to give you a quick introduction to the food you can find in Myanmar. I don’t talk about everyyyyything, but you will definitely see all these dishes during a trip in Myanmar.



mohinga bkkjunk myanmar food delicious

One of the most popular dish in Myanmar is the Mohinga. It is a rich fish-based noodle soup. “Fish-based” may not sound fancy, but this dish is overflowing with flavor. The broth has a thick consistency coming from chickpeas and is served with banana stem, boiled eggs and fried dough. A breakfast favorite.


Boiled Sticks

burmese boiled sticks

Specialized stalls are selling these bits of meat (mostly offals) in the streets. The sticks are cooked in a delicious broth and you pay by the stick. Quick snack! Picture above is a pork stall, but you can find others specialized in beef.


Tea Leaf Salad (Laphet)

tea leaves salad burma

The laphet is probably the national dish of Myanmar (some would argue it is the Mohinga). Great quality tea leaves are hand selected then goes through a fermenting process. The dish is then prepared by mixing the fermented leaves with crispy garlic, nuts, tomatoes, cabbage. The laphet can be served all mixed or in a special tray with all the ingredients separated.


Barbecue Restaurants

bbq barbecue myanmar

These places are very popular with local people. These restaurants usually have a counter with lots of food on sticks. You pick a bunch (or a ton) of them and the staff will take care of grilling them for you. Great food with a beer!


Burmese Curry

myanmar oily curry

Without getting into the specific kinds of curry. The common Burmese curry that you can find everywhere is the one pictured above. The flavors can remind of a mild indian curry with a shitload of oil. I am not kidding about the oil. There is a lot of it. It is offered with various kinds of protein. I tried chicken, pork, mutton. As they are usually served with 3-4 other side dishes, the portion is quite small (about 2 pieces of meat).


Burmese Set Meals

burmese set meal

These are served on a special plate that can hold various dishes. Definitely a must try feast!


Tea Shop Snacks

These shops are everywhere in Myanmar. Along with tea and coffee, they serve a variety of snacks. From samosas to simple fried dough or some made to order rotis.


Shan Noodles

shan noodles

Very popular in the Shan State, these rice noodles with an oily and spicy broth are delicious. Although the recipe seems to vary a lot from a vendor to another you won’t be disappointed. A dry version without broth is also popular.

These were eight different types of food you can enjoy in Myanmar. If you liked this article, I recommend you to follow BKKJUNK on Facebook to get the latest updates.




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