Phad Thai Studio where the Pad Thai is re-invented

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The Pad Thai is the most popular Thai dish internationally and loved by Thais locally. Despite being a great dish by definition, many places offer very average versions of it and I am not even talking about the grotesque versions on Khaosan Road.

Fortunately, comes to the rescue a few establishments trying to re-invent or let’s say, “tweak” the pad thai.

Here is a review of the restaurant called “Phad Thai Studio” (ผัดไท สตูดิโอ) in the Ari district of Bangkok, one of those places that give new flavors to the pad thai.

bkkjunk noodle review pad thai studio

The restaurant proposes a menu of 13 different Pad Thais from 49 to 129 baht from which I tried 5 so far. Good to know that no MSG is used in any of their food.

pad thai studi ari thai food

Original Pad Thai “Studio”

First, the “studio” version is their take on the classic pad thai. Topped with kep moo adding an old school touch. To be honest, nothing special taste wise, but a lot of veggies, egg and tofu!

bkkjunk noodle review pad thai studio

Crispy dough ?

The next one is made with patongo (ปาท่องโก๋) . Patongos are a traditional breakfast snack made of fried dough. These custom made bits of dough are small and very crispy (a bit too much).  A normal patongo would have been too chewy. Nonetheless, this pad thai was a great surprise and I recommend it for the sake of uniqueness.

pad thai studi ari thai food

Mama anyone ?

Next, the infamous mama noodles pad thai! I personally prefer my Mama noodles in a cup with a creamy tom yum soup.

All dishes are presented on a banana leaf with extra bean sprouts and garlic chives (gui chai / กุยช่าย) on the side. Note the significant amount of culantro (pak chi farang / ผักชีฝรั่ง) sparkled on top.

bkkjunk noodle review pad thai studio

Want a saltiness punch ?

Here comes the salted egg version (pad thai kai kem / ผัดไทยไข่เค็ม), we cannot see clearly the salted egg in the picture as it got mashed during the preparation of the dish, but the salty flavor was very present despite the sweet nature of the dish.

bkkjunk noodle review pad thai studio

Next one is the best, the Tom Yam flavored Pad Thai. This one blew my mind, I couldn’t understand how a noodle dish could taste like pure tom yam. This has a significant chili paste (nam prik pao / น้ำพริกเผา) and lemongrass taste. The tom yam pad thai is definitely my favorite of this review.

bkkjunk noodle review pad thai studio

Bright red color for the Tom Yam version

Not pictured is their “udon” pad thai that replace the Thai noodles with thicker udon wheat noodles. Another good pad thai and in this case, slurping is a must!

padt hai studi ari thai food

“Phad Thai Studio” (ผัดไท สตูดิโอ) is popular with office workers flocking there at lunch time. This open-air restaurant nicely decorated is about 500m from the Ari BTS station. Despite the fact that their facebook page states a closing time of 8 PM, I never saw it open for dinner. You are warned.

If you’re in for a pad thai and open for originality, Phad Thai Studio in Ari should definitely be on your list for your next lunch!

You can find them on facebook here !



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