Review of Marum Restaurant – Food that Matters

Marum in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is a restaurant with the initiative to help the local community. As their motto says, it is “A training restaurant for marginalized youth” which gives them a great opportunity to get into the hospitality and food industry.

marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

Meat lollipops, yeah !

Enough for the introduction, let’s eat and review. The place offer Khmer and Khmer-inspired dishes with a creative touch. First came the pork lollipops (5.25$US), my kind of candy. It is served with a chinese pear and sesame sauce. The pear texture gives this thicker sweet messy texture. Messy but we ate it until the last drop in the plate.

marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

Beef and… Ants !

Next was the beef stir fried with red ants. Quite sweet, but well balanced with the ants giving a slightly sour taste. Simple dish, well done. A safe bet with a good sized portion !

marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

This one is the spicy smoky eggplants dip (4$US). Smoky flavor, not that spicy, but a good way to prepare eggplants.

marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

Prawn and Pork Dip (5.75$US)

Another dip ! Sweet, salty… and better than the eggplants one 🙂
marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

As picture in the middle of the table, we got these barbecued frog legs skewed on sugar cane (5.75$US). This one is probably the highlight of the meal (along the beef with ants). This strong and delicious barbecue taste on the meaty frog legs, good stuff. And it’s always fun to suck on those juicy sugar cane sticks.

marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

Jasmine Tea smoked chicken with orange and honey glaze was next. Smoky taste. A safe bet to try at Marum if you are not adventurous.

We also order two desserts (not pictured as it was getting dark), a tatin pear tart that was well executed (and delicious) along a big portion of banana fritters. These were coming with Ginger ice cream and lemongrass ice cream which is quite refreshing compared to the traditional flavors.

marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

Most of the dishes are under 6$US which is very reasonable. These are made to share, don’t be this kind of tourist who order one dish for himself, take this opportunity to discover ! We were four people and ordered six dishes (this included the two lighter dips) and were full !

marum restaurant cambodia siem reap

It may be advisable to make a booking and it was the first thing our tuk tuk to get there asked us. Once there, we understood that the tables in the nice garden get booked quickly. As we arrived quite early (5.30PM) there was lots of place in the building, so no problems, but be aware it is a popular place !

Good place with good food that will help the community !

You can also find the Restaurant on facebook where they post regular updates.



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