Food Tour in Bangkok with “A Chef’s Tour”

Bangkokg food tour chef review I got invited by A Chef’s Tour, a new food tour company, to test their Bangkok food tour in Chinatown! After 7 years in Thailand, I think I got a good idea about what is Thai food from a westerner point of view. Did I get impressed? Continue reading …

A quick look on their website ( showed that I would try 17 different kinds of food in 4 hours. This looks like the only kind of marathon I am well trained for.

food tour chinatown

Bangkok’s Chinatown

So I met my guide, Nutt, near the big “Chinatown Gate” of Bangkok. We walked to our first spot while talking about the history of Chinatown and various foodie subjects. Nutt is a chef, so I had a hard time asking him questions he couldn’t answer.

The first spot we went is the popular J&K seafood restaurant. We went for the steamed mussels and boiled cockles, a safe bet!

Chinese Chive Cakes (ขนมกุยช่าย)

Next was a street stall selling Kanom Kui Chai. It is a Thai-Chinese snack that I never tried before, it is basically a cake with Chinese chive that is grilled/fried. Somewhat bland, but delicious with sweet soy sauce.

food tour satay

Satay (สะเต๊ะ)

A few meters away was a shop selling satay with a deliciously rich peanut sauce. The shop is very busy and skewers were fresh off the grill.

Labourers Noodles (บะหมี่จับกัง)

This one was probably my favorite spot of the tour, it is an egg noodle shop called “bahmee jab kang” that serves “labourers” style noodles, which means in a huge portion! Loads of noodles and big chunks of pork! Very simple dish, but done perfectly. I remember the guide telling me it is the fourth generation running the shop. I will return for sure.

food tour patongo

Fried dough called Patongo (ปาท่องโก๋) with a sweet pandan and coconut dip!

Some delicious pennywort juice (น้ำบัวบก)

Crabmeat Ball (หอยจ้อ)

These were only a handful of all the 17 kinds of food tried. I will let you discover the rest.

I think a tour like this one is a great introduction to Thai food and a good way to “break the ice” towards street food. These food stalls can be intimidating for people new in Bangkok and this tour, led by a Chef, let you discover what the Bangkok streets have to offer!

And even me, as a long time expat, I totally enjoyed the tour. Also, the tour takes place late afternoon which has great lighting for photography!

As of now, they got tours in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. You can check them out on their website at :

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