Awesome Cooking

Cooking Macaroni Tuna Thai Style ! มะกะโรนีทูน่า !

cooking macaroni tuna recipe

Tuna macaroni a la Thai ? Is BKKJUNK getting healthier ? Let's put aside cheese and bacon the time of this amazing [...]

Cooking brunch at the Hot spring / ทำอาหารที่น้ำพุร้อน

bkkjunk pai thailand hot spring brunch

Every time you visit hot springs in Thailand you will find some Thai families boiling eggs in these source of boiling [...]

Epic Thai Food : ไข่กระทะใส่ขนมปัง่ / Eggs in a pan with bread

ไข่กระทะใส่ขนมปัง่ eggs in a pan with bread thai food breakfast

Last week, I spotted these little pans at Big C and decided that my next video recipe would be a kai krata [...]

Thai Style Toppoki ! ต๊อกโบกีสไตล์ไทย !

bkkjunk topokki thai style cooking blog

Topokki ? Tteokbokki ? Teokbokki ? Ddeokbokki ? ต๊อกโบ๊กกี ? ต๊อกโบกี ? What [...]

Easy Breakfast in a Pan – ไข่กระทะง่าย

bkkjunk krata breakfast sausage egg potato

Saturday morning ! Throw stuff in a pan (krata / กระทะ), fry it, eat it ! This is my take on the Thai [...]

Stuffed Thai Northern Sausages – ลูกชิ้นไส้อั่วไส้กรอก

ไส้อั่ว thai northern sausage bkkjunk

In Northern Thailand, they have a very fragrant and delicious sausage called sai oua (ไส้อั่ว). You [...]

Thai sandwich : The Issandwich ! อีสานด์วิช !

Issan (or esan/esarn/isan/อีสาน) is the type of Thai food I've been eating the most since I live in [...]

Epic Thai Food : Fried Larb with Cheese ! ลาบหมูทอดไส้ชีส

bkkjunk recipe larb moo tod cheese

What is the recipe today ? Fried Pork larb, but better call it by it's Thai name "larb moo tod" [...]

BLT Hash Browns Sandwich with video !

hashbrown bangkok junk recipe sandwich

Best RECIPE of the day, of the weekend, OF THE MONTH ! Bacon, lettuce, tomato and and egg with my beloved [...]

Burger moo yor & eggplant / หมูยอ & มะเขือ

bkkjunk burger mooyor logo

I love moo yor (หมูยอ) or what they call "Vietnamese sausage". I love burgers too! Let's do something. [...]

Breakfast Pizza & Video ! อาหารเช้าพิซซ่ากับวีดีโอ !

pizza breakfast egg in the hole bkkjunk

I had to try this "egg-in-the-hole" that I see a lot on these other videos on Facebook, but let's make it a bit [...]

Cheese Ramen EXTRA !!! ราเม็งชีสเพิ่มชีส !!!

ramen cheese bkkjunk instant ottogi

As if 45 baht wasn't expensive enough for a bowl of instant noodle, I bought some cheese to add on top. Yup! You [...]

ชีสชีสชีส ดับเบิ้ลแฮมชีส!!! Cheesy Double Ham&Cheese !!!

cheesy cheese logo

I've been thinking about this one for a while. It was involving a lot of cheese and two ham grilled cheese from [...]

Breakfast Moo Yor/หมูยอ Sandwich !

moo yor vietnamese sausage bkkjunk

Quick run to 7-11 and voila, I am frying some moo yor, an egg and half an onion.  For those unfamiliar, moo yor / [...]

Tokyo Banana Deep fried ! โตเกียวบานาน่าทอด !

tokyo banana ทอด logo

This little Japanese sweet is delicious.  Let's just deep fry it to elevate it's level of deliciousness. You [...]

Awesome Moo Ping Burger !!! หมูปิ้งเบอร์เกอร์สุดยอด !!!

moo ping pork bbq slide bkkjunk

Some lazy fusion food for lunch today.  Barbecued pork in a bun, that's all, it's my day off anyway and I am [...]

Ribs Bun !!! ขนมปังซี่โครงหมู !!!

ribs buns hello

Some weeks ago, I wanted ribs.  But cooking them the classic way would have been a bit lame for my awesome [...]

ลูกชิ้น Street Nachos !

slide nachos toe

Friday evening, another week done at the office.  Meeting a friend at Groove @ Central World for a few beers and a [...]

Trashy 7-11 Hotpot !!! 7-11 ฮอตพอท !!!

hotpot trashy logo

I removed the dust from my hotpot pan and went on quest.  The quest of eating a hotpot 100% made from 7-11 junk [...]