Pork and Bones at Aek Noodles !

bkkjunk ก๋วยเตี๋ยวนายเอก noodle review

For many months I've seen lots of these shops serving soup with huge chunks of bony pork in night markets ! Then [...]

Eating Bak Kut Teh in Bangkok at JAKKAPAT

jakkapat bangkok bkkjunk review

Bak Kut Teh (บักกุ๊ดเต๋) is a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore, but not easy to find in [...]

Thai Jungle Food in Rayong at Tamnanpar !

bkkjunk tamnanpar jungle thai food

Jungle food is a thing I discovered in Rayong province at Tamnanpar (ตำนานป่า) !  This restaurant [...]

Review of Marum Restaurant – Food that Matters

marum restaurant siem reap bkkjunk

Marum in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is a restaurant with the initiative to help the local community. As their motto says, [...]

Ryoma Izakaya in Ari

ryoma bangkok japanese review

Ryoma is a no frills Japanese pub and restaurant (also called izakaya) in the Ari (อารีย์) neighborhood [...]

Eating Duck Fetus in Cambodia

balut fetus egg cambodia

These eggs looks like regular ones, BUT THEY ARE NOT. These eggs called "pong tia koun" are a very popular snack in [...]

[Quick Review] Cafe Darla in Mae Taeng (คาเฟ่ ดาหลา)

cafe darla chiang mai mae taeng

Cafe Darla (คาเฟ่ ดาหลา) is a cute coffee shop in Mae Taeng (แม่แตง) District of [...]

Cooking Macaroni Tuna Thai Style ! มะกะโรนีทูน่า !

cooking macaroni tuna recipe

Tuna macaroni a la Thai ? Is BKKJUNK getting healthier ? Let's put aside cheese and bacon the time of this amazing [...]

Where to eat in Lampang ? 4 restaurants to try !

lampang restaurant review bkkjunk

Lampang (ลำปาง) is a nice town up in Northern Thailand about two hours from the popular city of Chiang Mai. [...]

Cooking brunch at the Hot spring / ทำอาหารที่น้ำพุร้อน

bkkjunk pai thailand hot spring brunch

Every time you visit hot springs in Thailand you will find some Thai families boiling eggs in these source of boiling [...]

Breakfast and Junk Food in Taiwan !

tainan danbing bkkjunk

Dan Bing (蛋餅) is the breakfast of choice in Taiwan ! This crepe with and egg and various fillings can be found [...]

Where to eat in Koh Larn / เกาะล้าน ?

bkkjunk koh larn

Koh Larn / เกาะล้าน (or Koh Lan? Koh Laan ?) is an excellent destination for a weekend getaway from [...]

Best Beef Buffet on Sukhumvit Road

Barbecue buffets that focuses on Beef isn't a popular thing in Bangkok or Thailand. BUT ! We got Best Beef down on [...]